BHB Pledge

We are here to bring happy back…  YOUR happy back…

The team at Bringing Happy Back (BHB) is 100% dedicated to supporting individuals around the world to create their best and most joyful life possible.

We CAN’T do it for you though. It is an inside job.

We CAN, however provide encouragement, tools, resources and unwavering support. But first you must make a commitment to yourself to do everything within your power to care for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Fortunately, it is not nearly as daunting as it may seem.

Make the commitment to yourself and as an extra dose of accountability, share it with your friends, family and social network. Together, we can shift the stigma surrounding depression, hopelessness and suicide.


First, commit today and say, “YES!” to your life –  Take the Pledge.



Next,  openly declare your commitment to your life and challenge others to do the same. Text, post, share… let’s join forces and start saving lives! 

example: I just took the Bringing Happy Back Pledge. I am fully committed to living a healthy, vibrant and successful life. I know some times will be harder than others and understand that I may need to reach out for support at times. I will also make myself available to you, should you ever need me. I challenge you to take the pledge too. We are stronger together. #myBHBpledge

HERE WE GO… bringing happy back!

Look for our BHB Pledge stations at area school rallies, festivals, fairs, concerts, sporting events…  We are eager to promote and support your journey.

With one click of the BHB Pledge button, a plethora of resources, information, challenges, giveaways, motivation and special offers will be made available. BHB pledgers will receive monthly tips, offers and freebies to stay on track called, “HAPPY SWAG”.

If you have a product or service that would benefit an individual seeking better health, joy, adventure, education and empowerment, please consider joining our efforts (local and national). Get included in our “Happy Swag” distribution… Click HERE for opportunities!!