BHB Pledge

It’s time we bring happy back. YOUR happy back…

The team at BHB is 100% dedicated to supporting individuals around the world to create their best and most joyful life possible.

We CAN’T do it for you though. It is an inside job.

We CAN, however provide encouragement, tools, resources and unwavering support. But first you must make a commitment to yourself to do everything within your power to care for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Fortunately, it is not nearly as daunting as it may seem.

First, you commit to your overall well-being and Take the Pledge.

Make your joy a priority by clicking and pledging

We are launching the BHB Pledge campaign to encourage making your happiness a priority.

We are embarking on a nationwide campaign, making stops everywhere from road side diners to college campuses and music festivals. Why? To personally witness individuals of all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, religions – saying YES to their lives!

With one click of the BHB Pledge button, a plethora of resources, information, challenges, giveaways, motivation and special offers will be made available. They will receive weekly BHB tips to stay on track. An engaging community forum will also be available.

Our uplifting adventures across the US will be filmed and viewable on our new YouTube channel, 

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