We’re Bringing Happy Back!

Recognizing the astounding power of self-love and kindness to combat depression, we have created the Bringing Happy Back Pledge.  We are challenging individuals everywhere to commit to their own well-being, happiness and overall health, while also accepting that there may be times that reaching out for support is imperative and is never a sign a of weakness.

Once they take the pledge on the BHB site, they will gain exclusive access to a BHB Happy Swag Bag – with resources, tools, videos, recommended reading, music, art, special offers, freebies, etc. Anything and everything to help restore vitality and reverence for life.

We cannot do it alone. 

“If suicide has not yet affected you personally, statistically-speaking it will. Depression, hopelessness and suicide not only afflicts us all, but to eradicate – is going to take us all.”

Tonya Farrens, BHB Founder


We are asking all area businesses that have a product or service that supports better health, financial goals, adventure, lightheartedness, education, entertainment and empowerment to assist the Bringing Happy Back Pledgers on their personal missions.

In exchange, we are dedicated to promoting your brand, service or product full-heartedly.

Together, we can save some lives and heal our communities.

Become a Bringing Happy Back Pledge Sponsor TODAY. 

*raise brand awareness  *positive public relations  *effective advertising  *community support


  • Receive a company listing and web link on the BHB Happy Swag Bag page, including monthly reminders to all pledge-takers to support the businesses that support this incredible community.

Your listing will be promoted regularly for a FULL YEAR for only $99

*proceeds help offset costs of organized rallies/events and counseling opportunities

If you would like to get more involved and have a gain more prominent brand exposure, check out the packages below:


  • Your company logo and web link will be included on our BHB Pledge Perks page for all of our participants to redeem a special offer for your product/service. Let them know you can help on their journey
  • Monthly emails will be sent out to bring their eyes back to the ads again and again. Plus, new pledgers will be accessing the site daily
  • Provide a fun incentive/offer and watch your sales climb

Promoted for a full year and searchable by your industry/city/state $499.00


“Count Me In” PLUS:

  • In addition to promoting your company via our online Pledge Perks page, we will also include your special offer, logo and contact information in our “happy swag” giveaways at events throughout Southern Oregon.
  • We will host Pledge Stations at events all year, launching with:
    • The Pear Blossom Parade and Street Fair
    • The Ashland 4th of July Celebration
    • The Jackson County Fair
    • Multiple school pep rallies and graduations
    • festivals, concerts, sporting events…

For a full year,  your “perk” will be promoted to countless individuals and organizations in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Douglas counties.

We are in this to empower as many people as we can.  Join us: $1497.00 for the full year.


“We Got This” PLUS:

  • Your company logo prominently displayed at all events
  • Your company logo prominently displayed on BHB sites and social media
  • Your company logo on all staff/volunteer event apparel
  • Your company logo printed on all promotional items distributed at events
  • Special mention in press materials and on social media

Your brand will be displayed and celebrated as a major contributor to bringing joy and awareness all over Southern Oregon for a FULL YEAR!  $3997.00 

Together, we can #RaiseVibesSaveLives

Donations of any denomination are also deeply appreciated and assist us in providing therapy for those that do not have the means.  Just click: DONATE to save a life.


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