Golf & Giggles Tournament

We all benefit from a good hearty belly laugh. So why not combine stunning views, exercise, friendly competition and giggles – to create the perfect day?

Bringing Happy Back is excited to announce our first annual Golf and Giggles Tournament. The course will be filled with local and national comedians, media personalities and fun surprises.

May 17, 2019
Highland Falls at Sun City Golf Course

9:00am registration, 9:30am start

Prizes for funniest golf outfit!

Sponsorships Available: Your tax deductible sponsorship is not only a great way to gain visibility for your company, reward your staff, or have a great day with friends; it’s a great way of personally helping make a positive impact on our community.  This event will demonstrate the power of laughter to heal in dark times, while also educating and sharing resources to offset depression. Project Bringing Happy Back is dedicated to assuring every individual that their life matters and that regardless of what life may throw at them, support is available and happiness does return. YOU JUST CAN’T QUIT! #RaiseVibesSaveLives

Early bird registrations are now being accepted at a special rate.

18-hole four person scramble tournament $110 each or $400 for foursome (traditional)

green fees, balls, lunch and after-party provided.



The Marshall Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund: To honor the legendary golf pioneer by providing golf instruction and mentoring for youth suffering from depression, despair or anxiety.

Medical experts believe that golf has a therapeutic effect and can help ease psychological distress for several reasons. The feeling of hitting a ball across acres of grass, woods, water and sand is said to be pleasing to the senses. The game also calls for high concentration, which helps a person forget about their problems and relax.

A golfer needs to be present in the moment and be thinking clearly while using his golf club and making a shot and this automatically helps him reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms. Since golf requires focused attention and awareness, the player is forced to disconnect from all worries and focus on hitting the target. It is the perfect sport to take your mind away from depressive thoughts and unnecessary fears, and also provides a few hours of mental and emotional distraction.

The fact that it requires physical activity and being in a serene and stunning environment certainly doesn’t hurt either.

It is for this and many other reasons that I am elated to announce that BHB will be providing golf lesson scholarships to youth that are struggling with feelings of despair, depression or anxiety. Mentor-ship and mindset coaching will also be implemented for our recipients. Mental health organizations and public school districts will have the opportunity to submit nominations, for starters.

The Marshall Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund has been initiated to carry on the irreplaceable passion for golf that Marshall Smith provided. His legacy continues.

Marshall Smith was a golf instructor who taught the game of golf for more than 50 years. He had been a PGA Tour instructor (where he taught Chi Chi Rodriguez, Craig Stadler, Gary Player, Walt Zembriski, as well as current PGA Tour stars Todd Fischer, Glen Day, and Matt Gogel). He is the author of Hit Your Second Shot First and My Very Best Friend, an homage to lifelong companion, Mickey Mantle.

Marshall Smith is a member of the Joplin Golf Hall of Fame

Though I wasn’t fortunate to meet Marshall personally, I have had the privilege of meeting and befriending some of his beloved family. Their deep love and adoration for him, coupled with many enchanting stories, captivated me. When the decision was made to create a scholarship fund, there was simply no one more deserving to memorialize. And what an honor it is…

To support the The Marshall Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund, please reach out. Together, we can raise vibes and save lives.

Your contributions are tax-deductible