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What is Project BHB?

Project BHB (Bringing Happy Back) is a campaign purposely designed to uplift heavy hearts and empower them to fight for their lives. BHB creates events, networking campaigns and content to:  educate, empower and entertain.

Our inaugural event, The Bringing Happy Back Experience, took place January 31, 2019 - live from Las Vegas. The uplifting concert was also streamed globally to over 300 colleges, first responder units, military, veterans and mental health facilities. The full show is available to watch and share HERE

Why, you ask?

Our communities are all facing unprecedented levels of stress, depression and hopelessness. BHB is committed to injecting a much-needed reminder that there is always support available, you are not alone and that life truly is worth living.

BHB was initially created as a way to celebrate the life of BHB Founder, Tonya Farrens' father. Sadly, he passed from suicide in 2015.

"I couldn't imagine a better way to honor my father than to do all I can to help save someone else's" -                    Tonya Farrens

Join us...

The mission is mighty but possible. Together, we can raise vibes and save lives. If you would like to support us, we would be deeply grateful.


The mission:  BRING HAPPY BACK!

Project BHB is a collaborative effort between Las Vegas entertainers, headliners, producers and mental wellness advocates. By utilizing entertainment, education, advocacy and inspiration, we will send a powerful message to the world that:

1) You matter

2) You are not alone

3) You deserve support

We stand in solidarity to encourage the pursuit of mental wellness and celebrate reverence for life.



Project BHB  is the first of its kind. A community coming together to share their personal stories, experiences and talents with the sole purpose of helping others find their way back from tragedy, depression or crisis.

We will create campaigns, events and networking opportunities to provide a safe and compassionate environment for individuals to engage in open and authentic discussions about life, doubts, stress and fears.

Our live events will entertain, educate and empower.

The primary objective of Project BHB is to provide the tools and resources to become healthier mentally and physically, while also demonstrating that no one needs to fight the battle alone.

We see you. We hear you. We feel you. We love you.

BHB Pledge

It’s time we bring happy back. YOUR happy back…

The team at BHB is 100% dedicated to supporting individuals around the world to create their best and most joyful life possible.

We CAN’T do it for you though. It is an inside job.

We CAN, however provide encouragement, tools, resources and unwavering support. But first you must make a commitment to yourself to do everything within your power to care for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Fortunately, it is not nearly as daunting as it may seem.

First, you commit to your overall well-being and Take the Pledge.

Make your joy a priority by clicking and pledging

We are launching the BHB Pledge campaign to encourage making your happiness a priority.

We are embarking on a nationwide campaign, making stops everywhere from road side diners to college campuses and music festivals. Why? To personally witness individuals of all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, religions – saying YES to their lives!

With one click of the BHB Pledge button, a plethora of resources, information, challenges, giveaways, motivation and special offers will be made available. They will receive weekly BHB tips to stay on track. An engaging community forum will also be available.

Our uplifting adventures across the US will be filmed and viewable on our new YouTube channel, BHB.tv 

HIGH IMPACT ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE (local and national). Click HERE for opportunities!!



Welcome to the all-new BHB.tv

We are preparing to launch our new YouTube channel, designed to provide access to hi-vibe content and segments. Coaches, business leaders and influential people will share their know how to help people, across the globe, create their best lives.

In a world where we have created massive divide and squashed connectivity, it is the intent of BHB.tv to bring us all back to not only recognizing issues in our lives but gathering hopeful insight on how to effectively navigate and support each other.

Our initial campaign will be our #BeenThere initiative to collect and share real stories from people that have felt deep despair, hopelessness or suffered tragedy, yet bounced back.

College campuses are a hot bed for intense stress and suicides. We are in the final stages of producing a series of interviews with campus mental health committees to learn first hand what they are up against and how to best support them.  By sitting one on one with them and providing access to leaders and coaches, we can better empower them to do the same for their student body. UCLA, Sacramento State, UT Austin and UC Boulder are already booked.

JUST ANNOUNCED: our participation with the 25th anniversary Van’s Warped Tour this summer.

The fundamental path to bringing happy back is to bring hope back.

We will capture and share our journeys and conversations – all real people with real stories. Then they will be featured on BHB.tv for all to gain perspective and inspiration from.

By bringing together groups of people that would otherwise see themselves as different or divided, to share their greatest hopes, fears and challenges – we aspire to initiate realizations of their connectivity. Connectivity promotes compassion. Compassion leads to hope. Hope leads to reverence for life.

THIS is how you combat suicide.

BHB.tv is also a powerful way to promote your business or service.  Whether it be via our shows, media, social network, web presence or sharing it live at our events. You cannot find a better way to have your products or website marketed nationwide for a minimal investment.

We will be distributing BHB swag at each event to encourage attendees to visit our website for resources and special offers to help them become healthy, successful and happy! Here is your chance to draw astounding leads and traffic to your brand.

What else can we do for you?

Tell us whom you are trying to reach and allow us to market on your behalf.

REGISTER TODAY. Let’s bring happy back to the world and to your bottom line.



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